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Designed for Agriculture and Allied Industries

  • Pressure Washing Poultry Houses

  • Disinfecting of Poultry or Livestock Facilities

  • Washing Equipment

Poultry House Washing… Simplified!

MistrClean Poultry House Washers

Designed to tackle the toughest cleaning chores, the MistRclean poultry house washer uses a high volume diaphragm pump to clean quickly and effectively. With 42 gallons per minute pumping through the gun, you’ll get your poultry barn clean in no time! In addition to the standard gun and hose reel assembly, we also have an efficient boom system at the back of the sprayer, making it convenient to just drive through the poultry house, automatically washing as you go. The boom is held in place by locking pins and is completely adjustable. With two spray nozzles, you can cover a 4’ swath at once, or double up the nozzles to hit the feed lines with full force!

Standard Heavy Duty Equipment Includes:

MistrClean Poultry House Washer

PTO-Driven Pump with Power Shaft Holder

MistrClean Poultry House Washer -100' Hose Reel

100’ Hose Reel with Handgun

MistrClean Poultry House Washer - Pressure Relief

Adjustable Pressure Relief and Bypass Valve

MistrClean Poultry House Washer - Boom System

360º Boom System (Shown with optional second hose reel.)

MistrClean Poultry House Washer - Large Boom Nozzle

“Drive-By” Ceiling and Feeder Line Dual Nozzle

MistrClean Poultry House Washer - Side Step

Side Step For Easy Access to Tank Opening


  • 800 PSI spray hose means no steel lines to rust

  • Large 16” tank opening

  • Inlet strainer with shutoff valve

  • Standard 6 lug ag equipment wheels

  • Rugged welded heavy gauge steel frame

  • Steel frame is bead blasted and powder coated for long life


  • DBA160 Hypro Pump

    • 42.4 GPM x 725 PSI x 550 RPM

  • 50 Mesh Inlet Strainer

  • 500 Gallon Tank with Sump

  • 6.5’ W x 12.5’ L x 5’ H

  • Typical 30-35 hp Tractor Required

  • Swivel Mount Hose Reel with Positive Pin Lock and Centrifugal Brake

  • 17” Adjustable Spray Gun

  • 100’ of 800 PSI Hose

  • 180° Flood Jet Disinfecting Nozzle for Floors with 28’ Coverage

  • Rugged One Ton Tongue Jack